The contents of the BILETA web site are made available to users to further teaching, research and scholarship in the fields of IT law and Computers and Law.

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BILETA hosts an annual conference in March/April each year. It is hosted by a law school and has taken place in a variety of locations: England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands and Malta.

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funding research

Funding Research

BILETA is actively seeking requests for funding from individuals from member institutions to allow projects to be undertaken or completed which reflect the goals of BILETA.

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18th Annual Conference 2003

Capturing the IT Customerís Requirements - a Shared Responsibility Content Regulation in Malaysia - Unleashing Missiles on Dangerous Websites The Internet - Tool of Law, Source of Law or Tool for Sources Implementing E-Commerce Tax Policy E-Courts in Brazil - Conceptual Model for Entirely Electronic Court Process The Management of Rights in the Digital Environment - Lessons from Legal A.I Articles, the Academy and Authorising Reproductions Judas or Messiah - The Implications of the Mod Chip Cases for Copyright in an Electronic Age Online Financial Services in the European Internal Market and the Implementation of the E-Commerce Directive in the UK The Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act PayPal and eBay - The Legal Implications of the C2C Elctronic Commerce Model Service Provider Licensing System in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Industry E-learning Material and Open Access Drafting E-legislation - Amendments to Existing Legislative Instruments or a New Information Society Act Developing European Legal Information Markets Based on Government Information - First Findings from The Add-Wijzer Project The WTO and the Protection of Personal Data. Do EU Measures Fall within GATS Exception From Idea to Action - Toward a Unified Theory of Software and the Law A Brazilian Experience on Technological Distance Learning for Law Students and Professionals Controlling National Top-level Domains - The Question of Legitimacy Privacy, Freedom of Expression and CyberSLAPPs - Fostering Anonymity on the Internet Privacy, Data Retention and Terrorism Freedom of Expression Ėv- The Multiple Publication Rule ICANNís Role in Controlling Information on the Internet American Tax Systems as Examples of Successful e-Government

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