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BILETA hosts an annual conference in March/April each year. It is hosted by a law school and has taken place in a variety of locations: England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands and Malta.

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funding research

Funding Research

BILETA is actively seeking requests for funding from individuals from member institutions to allow projects to be undertaken or completed which reflect the goals of BILETA.

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19th Annual Conference 2004

A New Business Model for Music Production Acceptance Testing of Software Search engines. A useful tool but are they a lawful practice Iconoclasm Assessing the Justification for Rights Management Systems Refusals to Deal in Information and Communications Technology Software patents in-can we rethink patents in a digital environment E–Commerce and the Applicaple law rules Free the Code-Solution for IP headaches or MP3-like suicide Development of E-Commerce in Chile-Overview of Legal Issues Legal Protection of Copy-protection Mechanisms and Rights Management Information Attack of the killer acronyms-The End of IT Law Factors Affecting the Use of Information and Communications Technology in In-House Legal Practices in North West England Teach Act- Use of Copyright Material in Distance Education in the United States Internet Governance- An Analysis of the Need for Change A Block Exemption for Software Copyright Licensing - Better Late Than Never Pandora’s Box is Finally Opened- The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process and Arbitration Collaborative Authorship of Distance Learning Materials-Hidden Copyright and Moral Rights Problems Virtual Learning Environments in Action Think before You Write - Considerations for Drafting Claims of Software Patents Software Patentability and Practical Utility-What's the Use A Terrorist Act, An Act of Parliament, an Act of Sabotage Does Developments in Technology Occasion New Directions in Consumer Arbitration in the EU Utility, Innovation and Mathematics The (dis)illusions of a rebel- A reappraisal of the General Public What would Mr Pitt have thought -Out of the Box The Information Society Directive (UK implementation)- the end of educational and research use of digital works Computer Piracy, Copyright Concerns and Conflicts of Information Technology - Need for an Interactive Approach Thoughts on Article15 and the Futility of Applying Conflict of Law Rules Dematerialised Goods and Liability in the Electronic Environment - The Truth is, 'There is No Spoon Box' Different Interests at Stake - Who should bear the risk

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