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BILETA hosts an annual conference in March/April each year. It is hosted by a law school and has taken place in a variety of locations: England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands and Malta.

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funding research

Funding Research

BILETA is actively seeking requests for funding from individuals from member institutions to allow projects to be undertaken or completed which reflect the goals of BILETA.

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20th Annual Conference 2005

Unfair Terms in Computer Contracts Software Emulation in the Light of EU Legislation Today is the Tomorrow We Should Have Worried About Yesterday Over-observed - What Is The Quality Of This New Digital Legal World Guarding the Guards - the Practical Impact of Human Rights on Protection of Innovation And Creativity The Wild West - Nanotechnological Weaponry and the Rule of Law on the Battlefield Copyright Protection for Business Systems and Surveys Privacy and Technology Factors Affecting E- commerce Contract Law Freedom Of Information Swept Away in a Torrent of Litigation or Swimming Upstream Toward a Measured Approach An Interoperable World - the European Commission vs Microsoft Corporation and the Value of Open Interfaces Monopoly Defeating Mechanisms - Will They Function in The Digital World Does the Need for Internet Governance Justify ICANN’s Anti-competitive Behaviour IR Theory in CT Legal Discourse The External Factors in the Creation of e-markets in Russia US-style ‘Personality’ Right in the UK – En Route From Strasbourg Presence, Emergence and Knowledge Objects - User Interaction in a Virtual Learning Environment Mandatory Access to Essential Facilities in the IT Sector - Extending or Limiting the Scope of Article 82 of the EC Treaty Identity Information - The Tension Between Privacy and the Societal Benefits Associated With Biometric Database Surveillance An Insight in to the Copyright Licensing Agency and Its Interaction With Higher Education Institutions Open Science - Open Source Software Licenses and Scientific Research Protection - Never Mind the Rules The Taming of the Sleuth – Problems and Potential of Autonomous Agents in Crime Investigation and Prosecuting Online Dispute Resolution, E-Government and Overcoming the Digital Divide Soft Law Constraints in eGovernment Network Protocols - The Essential Intellectual Facility The Privatisation of Safety Seen From An Interdisciplinary Perspective A Pragmatic Cosmopolitan Approach to Communications Technology (CT) in World Trade (WT) Contexts Expanding the Domain Name System (DNS) with Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) Can iTunes be weTunes - Is Fair-Play Playing Fair Concepts in Computer Aided Essay Assesment - Improving Consistency by Monitoring The Assessors Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom - A Malaysian Case Study on Blogging Towards a Democractic Culture PREDATORY AND EXCLUSIONARY INNOVATION

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