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BILETA hosts an annual conference in March/April each year. It is hosted by a law school and has taken place in a variety of locations: England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands and Malta.

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BILETA is actively seeking requests for funding from individuals from member institutions to allow projects to be undertaken or completed which reflect the goals of BILETA.

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29th Annual Conference 2014

University of East Anglia
14-16th April 2014

Conference Theme: "Legal Regulation and Education: Doing The Right Thing?"


Conference Papers

Conference Programme A Game of Information Testing the Limits for Protecting the Integrity of User Data [Nicholas Gervassis] A Low-Tech Solution to Teaching: The Book Club as an Educational Tool [Andrew Murray] A wrong focus on “non-commercial” instead of “transformative”? Lessons to be learned for European copyright policy from the Google Books decision and opt-out procedures á la robots.txt [Christian Geib]

Addressing the harms of sexism in music [Ruth Houghton & Ben Warwick] After the Hype MOOCs and Legal Education [Catherine Easton] An Arab Perspective on the Obligation of Confidentiality in Mediation [Mohamed Salem Abou El Farag] Article 5 (3) of the Brussels I Regulation and its applicability in the case of intellectual property rights infringement on the Internet [Nataliya Hitsevich]

Breach Notification Law Security vs Trust Can we have both or does one eliminate the other [Roksana Moore and Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon]

Bridging the gap between law and technology design- the challenges of ubiquitous computing [Lachlan Urquhart, Ewa Luger & Tom Rodden]

Building the Relational Contract for Digital Scholarship [Chen Zhu] By continuing to use this site tracking trust and online choices [Judith Rauhofer & Andrew Black] Collection versus Database evolution or confusion in European Intellectual Property Law [Pedro Dias Venâncio] Combatting Cybercrime Through Hacking (Back): Cure or Curse [Nicole van der Meulen] Copyright and disability beyond DRM [Burkhard Schafer] Copyright Infringement and Internet Perspectives [Hayleigh Bosher] Copyright, Risk and Cultural Heritage [Victoria Stobo] Criminalisation or Rape Porn Tinkering with the Law [Abhilash Nair] Cross-border infringement of intellectual property rights [Anabela Gonçalves] Defamation on the Internet in Hong Kong The Position Thus Far [Rebecca Ong] Doing the right thing for the Telecommunications Sector in Europe: Too little or too much? [Kevin M rogers & Steve Goulton] DRM and Modchips Time for the CJEU to Do the Right Thing [Martina Gillen] Equal Access to the Internet A human rights analysis [Catherine Easton] Facilitating 3D Printing The Role of Open Licences [Deborah Ferns] Fairness and Justice in Virtual Spaces Empowering the ungovernable [Kim Barker] Forgetting across the Pond Erasure Europe and Aggregation America [Lawrence Siry & Mathilde Stenersen] Free Database Licensing in Public Sector [Libor Kyncl] Illegal access to information systems and the Directive 2013/40/EU a step backwards on the adequate protection of rights [Pedro Freitas]

Internet as a tool of surveillance and social control [Clémentine Boulanger] Judge Camera Action Legal education and the regulation of recording and broadcasting proceedings in court [Michael Bromby and Burkhard Schafer]

Kill One Man Terrorize a Thousand [Nina Xu] Lets get personal (data) [Karen Mc Cullagh] Making schools responsible for cyberbullying amongst young people Are we doing the right thing [Jo-Ann Pattinson] Online dispute resolution in the context of the EU compared to Saudi regulations [Abdulrahman Alajaji] Online law teaching still a step into the unfamiliar [Rosemarie Mcilwhan, Liz Hardie & Francine Ryan] Orwell +30: 2014 as Orwell’s 1984 [Andrew Murray] Privacy in Public Google Glass and Creepshots [Subhajit Basu] Protecting the Specified Secret: A new development in Japan [Hiroko Onishi] Regulating for Responsibility [David Mangan] Regulation of science and technology a comparative study between ancient and contemporary China [Phoebe Li] Share and share alike? Trust, anonymisation and data sharing [Marion Oswald] Shared space regulation, technology and legal education in a global context [Paul Maharg] Smart surveillance options for legislative innovation in a post-Snowden Europe [Joseph A Cannataci & Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici]

Solving the Puzzle Comparing data protection definitions and its consequences for the data processing in Cloud Computing environment [Alicja Gniewek]

Spies the whistleblower big data and a little duck [Konstantinos Siliafis] Streaming of Porn Movies, The – Case: Shame on Whom? [Sandra Schmitz] Surfing in the Darkness A Legal Conceptualization of The Onion Router [Lawrence Siry] Taking Offence - Restricting Domain Name Registrations [Martin Jones] The Application of UK Copyright Law to 3D Printing and Mass Customisation [Dinusha Mendis] The Audiovisual Media Service Directive as implemented by national regulatory authorities [Jenny Metzdorf]

The Current Position of Parody under the Copyright Regime: The Hong Kong Perspective [Sandy Sabapathy] The Digital Economy Act (DEA) 2010; Subscriber Monitoring and the Right to Privacy under Article 8 of the ECHR [Felipe Romero Moreno]

The EU Copyright Code: Implications for the Future of Copyright Law [Dinusha Mendis & James Griffin] The EU Regulation on ODR: Doing the right thing for consumers [David Poyton] The Fourth AML Directive [Janos Böszörmenyi & Erich Schweighofer] The hunger (for) games [Daithí Mac Sithigh] The solar intolerance of patent trolls [Chris Wadlow] The views expressed represent mine alone [Maria Helen Murphy] "The Worlds' Fair 2014: Internet of Things, Internet of Rights?" [Argyro Karanasiou] Time to neutralise the attack on Net Neutrality [nderpreet Heire] Too much of a right thing? Innovation, energy and conflict [Abbe Brown] Towards a Privacy Right in Copyright Enforcement Online [Kevin O'Sullivan] Towards universal norms for smart devices, but how to enforce these when "there" can be everywhere [Arno Lodder] Trying to Do the Right Thing…! e-Learning and Experiential Learning for a Changing Legal World [Craig Newbery-Jones] Unraveling Intermediary Liability [Emily Laidlaw] Usage Patterns of Parliamentary Assistants and MKs in Social Networking Sites [Chen Sabag Ben Porat] Virtual Worlds a legal post-mortem account [Edina Harbinja] When the Invisible Hand becomes Visible: What role should Competition Law rules play in shaping the Internet? [Orla Lynskey]

Who Killed Privacy? [Paul Bernal] Who Sampled? [Nick Scharf] Title [Author]

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